Kabiri informed about the occurrence of International Conference of Shams and Rumi on 7 and 8 October by the presence of national and international high rank officials and emphasized the significance of holding various conferences during past years.
Seyyed Fattah Kabiri, CEO of Shams-e Tabrizi Trustee, said in the media conference with the reporters and media activists of Khoy: “Shams is the lost ring of Khoy and our country’s development nationally. The topic of registering Shams-e Tabrizi as a spiritual and cultural as well as the mystical work in UNESCO is under follow-up action and its primary measures have been taken into consideration”.

Calling: To whom are interested in Islamic mysticism;
To whom are interested in Islamic mysticism; To participate in the 3rd international conference of Shams-e-Tabrizi and Rumi, which will be held in cooperation with Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies on 7th-8th October 2017 in Khoy- Iran.

Conference poster
Keynote Guests



Third international conference of Shams and Maulana:

Phone number: Scientific secretariat:021-88046891

Phone number: Executive secretariat:044-36240090

Scientific secretariat address: Iran - Tehran, Kurdistan Highway. Iranian Studies, 64th West, Institute for Human Sciences and Cultural Studies

Executive secretariat address: Iran - West Azarbaijan - Khoy - Shahid Samadzadeh Street - Old Town Hall Building

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